08 – Recreational Activities for School Students

Recreation is an essential element of human life as it gives a sense of enjoyment and relief by keeping human being far from worries for the time being. If a recreational network is built up in all over the country, it can be expected that economic activities in the country would boost and considerable foreign exchange would be accumulated in the Government exchequer. Recreational activities are also essential for school students as they provide them amusement, knowledge and health. The eight recreational activities which are common for school students are discussed below:-

1) Hiding and Finding Game: A common and traditional game for school students is Hiding and Finding that is played by a group of students in all over the world. It provides amusement and physical and mental exercise to students. They take pleasure with this game. Some parents also play this game with their children at homes.
2) Word Making Game: It is a brainstorming game requires vocabulary knowledge. All students who are appetite for knowledge play it with their friends. It boosts their knowledge up and increases their vocabulary capacity.
3) Swimming: Swimming is a world famous recreational activity of students in all over the world. They play it as a challenging way and try to beat their opponents. Swimming increases the stamina as one who takes swimming regularly has full strength in all respects. Generally, he is mentally and bodily fit and has the courage to take all kinds of challenging jobs.
4) To Make Fly and Catching: This game is much popular amongst kids in all over the world. In this game a kid makes fly flags, curved metal bit sheet, multi-colored papers, etc. whereas other children try to catch them. The one, who catches the game object leads the game, i.e. may make fly the object. At least six children participate in this game – they need a spacious place to play. They enjoy a lot with this game.
5) Running, Arresting and Jailing: In this Game two teams are formed – each team has at least six players, but the number of players can be increased by eleven – not more than eleven. A circle is drawn on the earth that is attributed to a Jail guarded by at least two players. The winning team members run away, whereas the members of another team try to hold and bring them to the Jail. If one of the opposing players should go through the Jail, it means that the Jail locks are broken and the prisoners may run away. If the Arresting Team arrests and jails all the opposing players within the stipulated time, it may win the Game. It is a dynamic Game and requires much stamina and running and dodging capacity.

6) Rainy Day or Box-Lining Game: This Game is especially played on a rainy day to take full enjoyment. If there are eight players in each team, then seven horizontal box lines are drawn on the earth along with one centralized narrow vertical box line. Two teams are formed according to the drawn line boxes. One, who wins the toss will try to cross the boxes from the first end to the other end and from the other end to the first end. If the opponent players could not hold them in crossing the boxes, they will win the game; otherwise they are arrested by the opposing team and kept in the boxes watched by 2nd Team players. If all members of the first team are arrested and confined by 2nd team members the latter team will win the game.
7) Musical Chairs Game: This Game is played by a group of children. If there are twelve children, eleven chairs are laid down in a round circle. All players are obliged to walk around the chairs with the music – if music is held up they have to sit immediately on the chairs. If one player who left behind is out of the game. One chair is removed gradually and moving around the left over chairs is re-started with the music. The last player who holds the chair wins the Game.

8) Game of Breaking, Running and Making: Eight to ten pieces of the bit semi-flat stones are kept on the earth in vertical way i.e. one stone is kept over the other stones to make a vertical heap. A player of a Team who wins the toss breaks it with a soft ball and runs away with his player friends. The players of the opposing team try to strike them with the ball. If they succeed to strike all their opponents, they may win the game. During the process of striking, the opponent players try to position the stones in its original state. If they succeed in arranging the stones without having a stroke of the ball, they may win the game.

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