How Amina Muaddi, Hollywood’s Favorite Footwear Designer, Masters Eclectic Style

If you do not have a set of Amina Muaddi’s heels on your cupboard, just give it some time. The 33-year-old designer’s brilliant footwear is now ubiquitous in celebrity circles, in which celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West, Bella Hadid, and Irina Shayk seek her out square-toe sandals, vampy boots, and recently found miniature bags. The type of high-impact accessories that create a dab on social networking, Muaddi’s sneakers (and also the designer himself ) have experienced an outsize effect on 2020.

Growing upward, the route from editorial-obsessed adolescent to the designer was not always straightforward. “From the time I was nine, I was decided to operate in the fashion business,” Muaddi clarifies. “I was always reading novels and asking my mother how I might find a job in style. Obviously, she’d no idea. We had been residing in Jordan and Romania, and it was not the most open atmosphere. However, my interests started there”

Finally, Muaddi would proceed to Italy, where she’d register at the European Institute of Design in Milan. However, her love of apparel –everything from shoes to the best of heels is discovered within her expansive wardrobe–pushed her toward beginning a company, one she approached with characteristic zeal. “I love what I do, therefore it does not feel like a project,” she states.

Muaddi spends the majority of her days creating collections, but she is over a workaholic. A traveling enthusiast who ahead of the worldwide lockdown appreciated a nomadic presence where excursions to fashion capitals such as London, New York, and Milan were regular, she attempts inspiration anywhere she goes. “I really like to experience new cultures and places –each experience is purposeful. I could be motivated by photography, artwork, or people nearby me. Anything that catches my attention and provokes an emotion,” states Muaddi. “It is instinctual once you see something which makes you stop and wonder”

Those diverse influences reflect Muaddi’s diverse sense of style and the cosmopolitan sensibility she attracts to her designs. Muaddi’s sneakers are conversation starters as well as their flair has left her a fixture on Instagram, where lovers accompany her professionally styled outfits and upload snapshots of their buys. “From the start, I have had this genuine connection with our clients,” she states.

“Even if they are whining and they write to me personally, I love it since the love, the comments, and the critiques are extremely direct.” However, the most fascinating part was seeing her creations have brought joy through a difficult year. “It is so cool to see them get excited and joyful unboxing their sneakers,” she states. “It is good seeing which ones they get and sharing these minutes. I would not have it any other way”

Here, the designer shares her fashion philosophy and she believes shoes would be definitely the most powerful bit of clothing.

When we had been living in Jordan and Romania, ” I did not have a lot of style exposure, therefore my primary fashion icon was my mother. She was always tasteful and passionate about fashion. I’d watch her perform her cosmetics, and like all little women, I loved dressing in her clothes. I’d try on her shoes when I could hardly walk.

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