How One Staffer Styles Five Days of Denim Quality

As we continue to browse these ever-changing times, in two of Things I Wore This Week, a Vogue editor stocks their outfits–equally on Zoom and IRL–in the preceding week. Whether I am opting for something funky or something comfy, being organized or grungy, wild Western or bohemian, my personality is mood-based and always evolving. Let us put it this way: The moment I get invited to a themed party, I am already having a lot of pleasure in my mind thinking about what things to gather.

Pre-pandemic times, dressing for the workplace was one of several ways I used self-expression through vogue. I pushed myself to groom more from my comfort zone and also look closely at the assortment of pieces in my wardrobe.

But I am not going to lie: In the start of the pandemic, I rolled from my bed to my pc and rear. For a month or two, it was fine to take it easy and not get so dressed up all of the time. But, it was merely a matter of time before I began to feel as though a bit of my character was missing. As lockdown constraints have lifted and also an effort to return to”normalcy” is undamaged, I have begun to gradually progress in adopting more of my style in my workday wardrobe. I even curl my hair today! Although I am not ready just yet to leap back to a complete pantsuit or lace dress with heels, I believe I have recognized the basic part in my wardrobe–lace.

I never understood how much denim I’ve gathered through time. It started out using all the dark skinny jeans, which has been believed at the time to be the most powerful bit of denim in my own wardrobe. I wore them with virtually everything. Gradually, as denim is becoming more accepted in the office, I have started experimenting with various matches and special ways to design them. Yes wearing jeans daily in the home is a controversial option, but trust me once I say there are loads of times which are both stylish and comfortable.


Training is just among my busiest days on the job and therefore I prefer to keep it fairly comfortable and easy. To get a day spent on the computer and in Zoom meetings, the boy jean is the best baggy fit. Since I am on movie calls, I wish to maintain my appearance professionally and clean. Pairing this ordered, assessed blazer over a black T-shirt is the perfect balance of tailored matches cozy. Even though it’s only me in my”home office” I will spray a bit, Lil Fleur, my signature scent from Byredo. My toes, the majority of the time, are tucked away in fuzzy slippers, but I will throw these black cowboy boots when I want to run out between them.


Whether at work or working at home, I will always be time to rush outside, get a couple of steps in, and grab a coffee. Since I am going outside, I love to receive a bit more lively with my design waist-down. I really like the fit of those classic jeans, which flare slightly round the knee. The result elongates my thighs, which I find really flattering to get a denim design. I have decided to replace my coat with an oversize knit to help me with just the ideal fall heat. As somebody who’s big on accessorizing, I cover a lot of focus on rings and earrings. These Laura Lombardi spiral hoops are an ideal fit for my Mejuri staples, namely the Croissant Dôme ring and only mini hoops. To top off my”catch a java” look, I have included a beige cowboy hat. Inspired by a visit to Colorado, I have begun working a bit of Western flair in my own style.


Throughout the pandemic, I have been committing to taking a daily walk throughout my workday. And just perhaps, it is also an excuse to wear a cute outfit.

The match of those grey jeans is in between skinny and directly, with denim over the stretchier side–ideal for a long walk. I am certainly not a fan of delicate coats, therefore as soon as the weather begins to cool, this leather trench is my own go-to. It is perfectly paired using a thick knit.

Thursday I am all for mixing and matching things you’d ordinarily never think go together. All these’70s jeans include a few serious flairs to my ensemble (pun intended). Compared with the dark, I insert pops of color by pairing a profound coral corduroy blazer on a thick burnt orange blossom. To select the look even further, I use a dark green slouchy cap using a classic jeweled chain buckle. One of my best friends recently started a little brand of handmade fine jewelry along with her aesthetic is right up my street. Pictured here, I use a number of her gold-tone earrings and rings.


It is finally the weekend and I am prepared to take my appearance from day to night–although I am not going out like that I did pre-COVID. I recently bought those newspaper-print jeans; they are a fun addition to the denim set of my own wardrobe. As a massive SATC fan, I understood I instantly needed these. Willing to proceed, I coating this classic patent leather red coat–a need to get a cold night from the home. All these lace-up patent booties are most likely the maximum heel I have worn in seven weeks but they are totally worthwhile to finish the appearance.

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