Timothée Chalamet’s Bodega Fit Is Full of Designer Pieces

Authentic New Yorkers Know a visit to the bodega is a vital run. It is where you pop to immediately catch yummy bacon, egg, and cheese, or garbage bags, or baking soda, or whatever your soul desires. This week, in between Saturday Night Live rehearsals (he is hosting this week)he had been seen heading into his regional deli–and at a designer match, no less. It was not a flashy designer appearance, but instead, a stealthy person, as his cozy match was filled with luxury labels upon nearer review.

Let us begin with that coat, the most apparent designer bit. The center of the outfit was fairly low key; he traveled for black Nike sweatpants, a green hoodie, and shoes.

However, those in the know will even recognize his cover from Elara Pictures. The humble hat identifies to this indie production firm behind Uncut Stone and is now the best standing piece among movie buffs in the know. To complete his ensemble, Chalamet wore Lanvin’s chunky pink Curb shoes, which arrive with some seriously hefty shoelaces. The entire match is timeless New York–casual-cool on initial glance, but gently luxe on additional review. Whatever he is carrying coated in that tin foil is probably yummy, but this outfit is much more so.

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