Who is going to take The Throne? John, Daenerys

Like everywhere else in the world, there’s a huge fan following of GOT in Pakistan and there’s one question we’ve all been pondering “Who will take the Iron Throne?” Let’s break it down:

Considering all the major possibilities of people who can sit on the throne, two persons came to our mind that had always been most important in the season; Daenerys Targaryen and John Snow (now known as Aegon Targaryen.) Daenerys as being the Targaryen considers herself to be “The Rightful Heir” of the throne. As being the daughter of Mad King (Aerys ll) who was brutally been murdered by Ser Jaime Lannister, Daenerys thinks that the throne was always meant to be hers (Targaryens,) so, she wanted to take The Throne to avenge her father’s death. When she begins her quest for the throne at the start of the show, she was unaware that another Targaryen other than his brother Viserys Targaryen (who isn’t in much of her good books considering her behavior with her) is still there and is a potential candidate for the throne. So in the second episode, when she learns about him (John Snow as Aegon Targaryen,) the look on her face first seem perplexed then her remarks was kinda reassuring for John as she started considering him as a legitimate heir to the throne; it was the first time that she ever considers anyone else other than herself as an heir to the throne.

On the other hand, John never knew his true identity and never considered himself to be an heir to the throne, he spent his life embarrassed as being a bastard of Ned Stark but he always spent his life being loyal to the Starks. John is never interested in the throne because of the threat behind the wall, he thinks that the real war is behind the wall against the Night King; another person (if he could be considered that) who can take the throne. John was the one who unites everyone except Cersei to fight against the White Walkers, so being the King is never even in his thoughts but it doesn’t mean that he can never change his mind. Probably when they finish defeating the Walkers which I hope they will, he might consider himself too to be the King of Seven Kingdoms. We should also not forget Daenerys being the influencer between the two (as pointed out by Sansa in the recent episode,) so she could influence or convince John to let her be the Queen or John, being madly in love with Dany could just gift the throne to her Queen. As we all understood from this conundrum, both can take the throne as both are rightful heirs to The Throne, but who said only the rightful can take The Throne? We know how greedy everyone of them is for The Throne and there are many battles fought for it, so considering just these two for the thrones will not our quest for finding our answer. Before the start of the season, HBO released a series of posters of people sitting on The Throne; most important of them are, Of course, Daenerys and John but other than these two, many else were sitting there too.

Of them, Night King, Sansa, and Tyrion Lannister have the most chances of taking the throne according to me. First of all, Night King who is against humanity can defeat them all and take the throne. Secondly, Sansa who seems to be the most ambitious among the other Starks to rule and is one of the characters that has evolved during the season and showed the potential to be a leader if the time comes. Last but not least, Tyrion Lannister, a man or probably a dwarf who managed to survive not because of his power but with his mind. Where many other survivors like Varys are living in the shadow, Tyrion, on the other hand, is the hand of the Queen which is not at all a thing to be overlooked, this shows that he not only has the skills to manipulate and survive but can also work his way to The Throne as he’s just a step away.

We all know that GOT is all about surprises, we’ve to wait and watch as the drama unfolds in a few weeks!

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